Emma Suzanne Paulson,
Northern Ireland.

Love my boyfriend more than anything in this world, gonna spend the rest of my life with him <3

My blog doesn't really have a purpose or specific genre as such, it's just somewhere for me to post personal stuff and to reblog the coolest shit around #peaceout


"why do people choose between pepsi and coke, they both taste the same"


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If they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up


If they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up

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well the WebMD one is more accurate then it needs to be

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I think we’ve found the best one


I think we’ve found the best one

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what if dicks had mouths

but robin thicke already exists

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My life right now is honestly amazing. I have the best boyfriend in the whole entire world, I have good friends and I have good health! Ever since he’s been in my life he seems to have changed it for the better, and I can never thank him enough for that. I’ve had so many ups and downs throughout my life and it feels so good to finally be able to just float. I miss him so much when he’s away, four or five days feels like forever when we’re apart but he’s so worth it. I am going to love this boy for the rest of my life. We’re going to have an amazing life together; with our four kids, dog, and amazing house in the country. I can’t wait. I love you William. Forever.

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